Writing Resources

Hello! I am all about helping other writers, getting them the tools, and the resources they need to be better at what they do. However, with that being said, this is only a matter of my opinion, and what I feel has worked best for me.

Search Engines – Have you heard of a thing called “Google” yet? If not, I’m so sorry because this is about to be far more difficult for you than it needs to be. Searching Google (or using Bing if that’s your thing) will be your first and foremost source of any help, more than I can ever give you here.

Joanna Penn – Memorize that name. She has her website TheCreativePenn.com and it’s full of all sorts of things from marketing, writing, publishing help, and much, much more. She is actually pretty nice to talk to as well. If you are serious about this writing thing, and it is more than just some passing hobby, definitely check out her website.

The Write Life – I personally love this website. It’s another one that is just full of different information for writers/authors. They also did a post about the best 100 websites for writers. Click HERE to view it.

Writer’s Digest – This is another one that is normally spot-on with their tips, who they stand behind, etc., and I’ve yet to see anything on their site that I can argue with. They also have writing competitions you can enter as well. Check out the full list of their competitions HERE.

Writing Communities – This one is a bit trickier. I can give you links and links on various groups to join on Facebook or things such as that, but I’ve been burned by quite a few of them. The key is to talk to other writers, either who are at the same point in their writing as you are, or who’ve been through the process before. It’s no secret we don’t often involve our family and close friends with our creative outlets, so find an online writing family. The best one I can tell you about is on Twitter, it’s Tuesday nights, it’s called #WriteStuff and I look forward to it all week. To learn more, click HERE.