The Devil’s Angel, Book 1 of The Devrynne Kaine Series
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The Devil’s Apprentice, Book 2 in The Devrynne Kaine Series
Available on Amazon Here
Available on Smashwords Here

The Devil’s Downfall, the conclusion to The Devrynne Kaine Series

Coming Soon!

Praise for The Devyrnne Kaine Series

Humor, action, drama, and even several twisted romances are woven throughout the story. The author threw in a snippet of the next book in this series and I cannot wait to get my hands on that one! – M.T. Murphy (Amazon)

I was intrigued with the concept of good and evil in this novel. – VariantlyVal (Amazon)

This series getting better and better! Cannot wait for the third book!!! – Anonymous (Barnes & Noble)

Hooked on this author now sadly waiting for the last book in this series is gut wrenching… the uniqueness of this series is what makes this book set (so far) added to my list of all time favorites! – Anonymous (Barnes & Noble)

Hooked me on the first chapter…loved it all the way through…already for the 2nd book !!!! Not your typical sappy vampire series…adore the twists…if you want different and addicting…for sure read this book…and thank you to the author. – Anonymous (Barnes & Noble)



I was approached a few years ago by a fellow author, M.T. Murphy, who asked if I’d be interested in contributing to an anthology.

I will admit, I’m not typically one to write short stories, but this was fun to be a part of something like this. We are still #15 in the Kindle Store in Anthologies!

Best part, it’s FREE!

If you want some interesting and horror-filled reads, check it out! Here Be Monsters!

Praise for Here Be Monsters: An Anthology

If your looking for not so scary monsters and happy endings, go read a freaking fairytale. This book is for TRUE horror lovers, filled with enough gore and unique storylines to keep that little monster inside you satisfied through the night. – Anonymous (Barnes & Noble)

Deals and Demons : 3 stars. Well written with a good plot line. Would make a good novel. Reminds me of something that could be an episode of supernatural. – Vickie (Goodreads)

Samantha Anderson – “Deals and Demons” Good versus Evil has a new twist. – Saewod Tice (Goodreads)


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