Q: Have you always known you wanted to be an author?
No. I always got scolded in school for completing Book Reports that were too detailed. I attempted to write some stories when I was a teenager that were too taboo for my straight-laced mother. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I realized I should have been doing this the whole time.

Q: How do you find the time with being a single mom and having a full time job, to write novels and manage a website?
I speak of this often in a lot of my blog posts actually. My motto is that it comes down to how bad you want it. I want to achieve the success enough to make this my only career. I would love nothing more than to be self-sufficient with sales to be able to only focus on writing. If that means I only get 3-4 hours of sleep a night while in what I call “Writer’s Mode”, then that’s what I do, because I want it that bad.

Q: What do you do to move on from negative criticism?
I scream on Twitter about the injustices of this world! Haha not really… well not all the time. Look, if you’re going to put yourself out on the interwebs in any capacity, you have to be ready for the critics. You take the good with the bad and try to learn any lesson you can from their negativity. You quickly learn how to read people in this business. The ones who chew you out anonymously typically are doing it to start a fight and nothing more. It’s the other ones you listen to.

Q: Your trilogy is about vampires and Satan, are you a devil-worshipper or something?
This is typically followed by the people that tell me my parents are probably so embarrassed or the ones that tell me they will pray for my children. Truth is, I was raised in a very spiritual home and I believe very heavily in God and His amazing grace for His children. That being said, I have a very good understanding about faith, and the different theories of religion. Just because I write a fiction piece, that just so happens to be about sympathy for the devil, doesn’t mean I’ve sold my soul to The Dark Prince just yet. And also, my parents happen to be a very big champions of my stories… just saying.

Q: How do you get the ideas for you novels?
The Devrynne Kaine series started because of Dean Winchester and the television show Supernatural. Eric Kripke and I are actually feuding over it at the moment… okay so I’m feuding with him, he has no clue who I am, I’m sure. The rest of my novels, or stories in the works, all stemmed from either dreams I’ve had while sleeping or from a song I’ve heard. My next novel is actually all because of the song Father’s Son by 3 Doors Down.

Q: Do you ever let other authors do guest blogs for you?
A: Yes! There is actually a link in the Contact Samantha header that will give other bloggers and writers information on how to set that up!


*Last Updated 9-15-13


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